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11 November 2010 @ 12:02 am
Application :D  

1. Jennifer (Jen for short)

2. 21

3. I will work at something until it's done--no matter how hard. I also can multi-task easily and don't really have an issue with a lot of work. And I tend to put a lot of other people's needs first. Oh, and I don't have a dirty mind at all...what? I find that a good thing. XP And I've never swore in my life~

4. I'm ridiculously stubborn and don't do well with being "wrong". I also tend to forget about myself a lot. And I have like no self esteem...at all. I can also be really naive... I also hold grudges.

5. I love to make stuff--like arts and crafts kind of things. I also enjoy singing and playing the piano and making websites and collecting various things (plushies, rocks, seashells, dolls). And I like playing video games too~

6. I honestly don't know. I used to want to be a nurse for the longest time, but at the moment, I just want to do something that not only would I love, I'd help people in the process.

7. Pink, Cute, Silly, Smart, Sweet, Moody, Shy, Motivated, Passionate, Fun

8. Unique, Caring, Stubborn

9. Pet Peeves: Liars--I hate when people go back on their word. I also dislike people who are incredibly greedy.

10. Talents: ...I don't think I have any. But according to friends, I sing well, I'm a good cook, and I'm a human calculator XP

11. Leader or follower?: It depends what it's on. Usually I can be a follower, but if it's something I really care about or am good at, I act more like a leader. Similarly, if I feel like something is being done wrong, I won't bother with it at all unless I think it's being done right.

12. Post at least two clear pictures of yourself (optional)
I don't really have any recent pictures...but umm...here's one when I was 7:

I look pretty much the same as I still have the same face. >_> I'm just taller...and matured...and stuff. And my hair is longer. But I still always wear it in a ponytail.
::Tamara::: ::BTR1::roxie_07 on November 14th, 2010 02:36 am (UTC)
Carlos ^^v