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26 December 2010 @ 02:14 pm

1. Name/Nickname: Victoria

2. Age: 20

3. Best Qualities: I'm one of those people who I can be the loudest person in the room or I can be the quietest one. It depends on the situation. Um, I'm really polite. I'm a gooood listener and good advice giver. I'm friendly and I'm normally always the first to talk to anyone who's new. I like making new friends. I'm known for being super chill. I hardly ever get mad.

4. Worst Qualities: I tend to put my friends before myself so in the long run, it hurts me...IDK if this should be in the best or worst, but it goes more for this one I guess. Sometimes I feel like I'm not really important. Uhh I hardly ever get mad.....so when I get mad, I'm a earthquake....I'm really mean.....because it only happens like once in a long while.

5. Hobbies: I'm a cheerleader, not like a real one with a uniform, por say but I am good supporter. I support my college's sports teams, my friends' bands, my friends in school, etc. :) I'm the girl who will stay up with the procrastinater friend who has to finish their essay by their 8am class! I love hanging out with my friends in general. I LOVE SINGING. I probably sing everywhere you can think of, haha. I love COOKING!! like to play my old high school clarinet at some moments....and try to play guitar and piano but I sorta suck. I love writing music. I love dancing like a fool, hahaha. And I study....I guess that's a hobby? I'm serious about my school work.

6. What are your dreams/goals in life? I've always wanted to be a singer but my parents didn't really support that dream, but it's still a dream. But otherwise, my second dream was to be an elementary school teacher and I'm studying to be that now. :)

7. What would your friends describe you as? the chill one!

8. Three words that sum you up: chill. talkative. caring.

9. Pet Peeves: lazyness.

10. Talents: singing.

11. Leader or follower?: It depends on the situation but I feel like I'm more of a leader because I like being able to teach people new things. Now at times, I still take the place of a follower because I like learning new things myself, too.

12. Post at least two clear pictures of yourself (optional):

i'm the middle girl! (:

haha I was an elf for christmas. I hope you all had a great holiday like me! :)

13. In order for everyone to get stamped, they need votes! I want you to post links to at least two other applications you have voted on before you can receive votes, thank you! (You can find all applications that still need votes under Tags --> "!unstamped")
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jazzhandsxjazzhandsx on December 31st, 2010 07:44 am (UTC)
I'm actually getting more of a James vibe, although you have a little bit of everyone in you it seems. :)