Its the only life you've got

so you've gotta live it big time

Big Time Rush Rating
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Welcome to btr_rating! Here you can fill out a quick survey and other members will vote on your application telling you which member of Big Time Rush they think you are most like! This community is for the actual actors and singers, not their TV counterparts, please keep that in mind.

1. Be kind to all other members
2. Vote on members based on their personalities, not the pictures
3. When you vote, be sure to bold the memeber who you choose
4. Answer honestly, do not fix your answers towards a certain member you want to be rated as
5. After 6 consentual votes, you will be stamped.
6. You can vote even if you are not stamped yet!
7. Please be active, so that everyone can get their share of votes!
8. Have fun!
The Application

This community is new and very slow right now, but as more members join and start getting stamped, I will make up certain themes to keep it active. I hope you enjoy it!